Adam Alter Reveals How To Get Unstuck In Life

Let me share with you a powerful realization that struck me like lightning: “Ideas are almost always a re-combination of old ideas.” Just like a master artist who crafts a masterpiece by blending diverse colors on a canvas, our thoughts too are a symphony of old concepts reshaped into something new and extraordinary.

Discover within these pages my personal notes and most profound takeaways from the enlightening conversation between Adam Alter and Steven Bartlett. For the complete experience, feel free to watch their captivating video here.

I swiftly added Adam Alter’s book, “Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck When It Matters Most” to my eagerly anticipated to-read list!

Psychology Expert: Mind-blowing NEW Research On Colours, Names & How To Get Unstuck In Love & Life!

Maximizer or a satisficer

When it comes to decision-making, a maximizer is someone who always seeks the very best and puts a lot of time and effort into making things perfect, while a satisficer is someone who settles for a good enough option and moves on.

Maximizers, who often have high expectations, can become paralyzed and unhappy when their expectations are not met. On the other hand, satisficers tend to be happier because they know how to prioritize and don’t get stuck on unimportant things.

“The key is to know when to maximize”

Friction audit

Ask to people: “What are the three things right now that feel that are the hardest and most unpleasant things and how can I help you fix them?”

What if you fix those? How much more happy would you be?

Great ROI, go for it!

Experimentation & exploration

Go broad and say YES to every opportunity.

Then you go narrow again on something.

You repeat this each time you are stuck.

Say “Yes” Until You Have to Say “No”

Mark Manson

The myth of originality

We have the illusion that ideas are radically original, that they stand on their own.

Ideas are almost always a re-combination of old ideas.

⭐ Record on what you are interested in (e.g. potential business ideas, blog ideas, book ideas, …). Then after some years this will show you what interests you and then it’s a matter of combining certain ideas into something new.

Idea brainstorming – start best alone. Not in group.

Substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources, and daily use by the garnerer with a pride and satisfaction born of the superstition that he originated them.

Mark Twain

Hardship heralds the good stuff

If it is not hard yet, that is the problem. You need to keep going until you get there.

When things get hard – that’s when creativity begins.

We are not creative until we struggle.

You got to let things get hard.

The power of Nostalgia

The most powerful backward facing emotion. We start to miss things that we loved at the time.

At the time itself they often feel mundane. But looking back you miss those.

This suggests that you can ring tremendous value out of things that might seem trivial or not that important if you recognize that. You know when you look back that this stuff will be very rewarding.


Let us create a legacy that inspires generations to come and illuminates the path to a life lived to the fullest. Together, we shall rise above the ordinary and forge an extraordinary destiny. 🚀💫

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