Iman Gadzhi broke the Code on How to get rich

How did I end up writing about this?

It all started when a close friend of mine introduced me to the remarkable individual known as Iman Gadzhi. Curiosity piqued, I delved into his video series titled “The Untold Truth About The Great Reset,” and I was immediately captivated by his insights. Notably, Iman’s production agency operates on an entirely different level, delivering content that effortlessly grabs and holds your attention. I just love it 😀

Now, Gadzhi is set to unveil his latest series, “The Remote Revolution,” and I couldn’t be more thrilled. In this blog post, I will share my personal key takeaways from this series, beginning with his first episode “I Broke the Code on How to get RICH”.


Ask yourself: What is the life you truly desire? If you’re tired of the conventional path that seems to lead to frustration, lack of money, and limited time, it’s time to explore a different approach. In this blog post, we will summarize the three key moments of Iman’s video that can help you make ten years of progress in just one year towards achieving financial freedom.

Three key moments

  1. Embrace Unconventional Choices: The choices we make in life have a significant impact on our outcomes. If you consistently make conventional choices, you can expect conventional results. To break free from the ordinary, you must dare to make unconventional choices. These choices may be different from the ones society expects you to make, but they can lead to extraordinary results.
  2. Harness the Power of the Internet: Success lies in being part of an industry that moves at a rapid pace. In today’s world, that industry is the internet. The internet offers countless opportunities for growth and financial prosperity. It has never been easier to tap into these opportunities and carve your own path. However, resisting transformative innovations can leave you trailing behind. Embrace the digital realm and explore the avenues it offers for personal and professional advancement.
  3. Capitalize on Your Strengths: Contrary to popular belief, starting a service-based business is not the only path to financial freedom. Sometimes, being an employee can be more lucrative than being a business owner. The key is to identify your strengths and align them with a position that holds high perceived value. When you excel in a role that leverages your unique abilities, you don’t necessarily need to venture into entrepreneurship. Remember, money is merely a commodity with limited inherent value—it only serves as a means of transacting goods. Instead, focus on utilizing your strengths to create a fulfilling and prosperous career.


If you’re ready to break free from the confines of the traditional approach to work and life, it’s time to make unconventional choices. Embrace the power of the internet, identify the industries moving at high speed, and capitalize on your strengths. By adopting this approach, you can make remarkable progress towards achieving financial freedom in a fraction of the time it would take through conventional means. Don’t settle for mediocrity—create the life you truly want.

Quotes that stick with me

  • What is the life you really want?
  • If you make conventional choices, you can expect conventional results
  • There are more opportunities now than ever
  • Resisting transformative innovations often leads to be left behind
  • Money flows where there is speed
  • Money is just a commodity

Applying the Three Key Principles to Transform My Life

  1. Unconventional choice: Spending more time away from my current paid “safe place” and saying “yes” to every opportunity that crosses my way until I have to say no to everything
  2. Leverage the Internet with AI technology – focus on scale
  3. Strengths: Protagonist (ENFJ)


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