Unlocking Success with the help of Educate

Embracing a life filled with endless possibilities. In the journey towards success, choosing your battles wisely becomes imperative. It’s impossible to conquer every challenge that comes your way, but remember, all it takes is one triumphant victory to pave the path to success.

Now, let’s delve into the key ingredients for success. Join me as we analyze the final video of “The Remote Revolution” series, uncovering valuable insights and discoveries.

In case you missed my previous blog post, where I unveiled the secret to success, make sure to read it here before continuing.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in. You can watch the complete video on YouTube by clicking here.

What does it take to succeed?

Iman has been discussing three distinct opportunities. Here, you can revisit them once more. Now what does it take to succeed for each and one of them?

ROI Agency

The ROI Agency offers businesses ROI services through paid aids, e-mail marketing, and content creation, making it the easiest path to success.

With just a handful of clients, you can thrive in this opportunity. Initially, it requires a significant time investment of around 2-3 months, but once you establish momentum, you can create systems that attract clients to you.

Dedicate 4-8 hours per week to calling qualified potential clients and engaging in meetings. This routine of connecting with people will pave the way to extraordinary success.

Your main activities? Jumping on meetings & talking to people.

Remote sales rep

No need to start your own business for this opportunity. It revolves around high-ticket products or services.

Your role involves jumping on calls with intriguing prospects and guiding them towards a decision on the product or service you’re selling. The best part? You don’t need to concern yourself with fulfillment, onboarding, or other operational aspects. Sales companies are constantly seeking sales reps, making it super easy to land a job. The potential commission for each sale ranges from $500 to $2000. Imagine the possibilities!

Your main activities? Sales calls.

Making money with words

You write simple messages that get people to take action. Endless possibilities. Easiest one to start off is with a job. Business pays you a base salary + commission. Business with good size audience. You are not paid for the hours that you work, but the words that you right.

Your main activities? Write an e-mail, write an add, landing page, video script.

Can I succeed with this?

People often think that they can’t succeed with the above options. Not that success is directly related to the access you have.

  • Opportunities: Currently, at this time, we have the best opportunities described according to Iman.
  • People: The right people are inaccessible. Without the right people, your chances of success are low.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge dilemma currently (Social media algorithm & Formal education)

So this basically means, we need some additional help. That’s where Iman stepped in and did a fantastic job of generating excitement for the release of his new education platform called Educate.

Meet Educate – The future of education

Iman’s latest venture, Educate, is a private community that offers access to the right opportunities, people and knowledge. They currently have three paid programs: 6 figure sales rep, pen to profit, agency navigator. They also host and facilitate coaching calls, which currently interests me the most.

To gain access to Iman’s platform, there is a fee of $995.00 for a six-month membership, which is a considerable investment. I’m doubting whether I should take the leap and give it a try, or if it’s not the ideal opportunity for me.

You can enroll using this link: https://link.educate.io/enroll.

Will I take the leap of faith?

I understand that exploring this requires a significant time commitment, which I currently lack. I plan to revisit this platform at a later time when I have more availability and can invest the necessary time. This will allow me to actively participate in ongoing conversations. I will reevaluate my decision in a couple of months. However, for now, I will skip it. I must say, well done to Iman and his team!

Quotes that stick with me

  • Today the value of knowledge is not in it’s volume bit in it’s relevance and application.
  • The role of a trainer has transformed from being a gatekeeper of information to that of a guide, leading you through the vast wilderness of knowledge.
  • People take decision not based on logic & factual arguments but based on the narrative we create in their minds.

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